Awarded, Published and Internationally Exhibited photographer:

Born in Paris, raised in Tehran and Boston, with a little over 2 years of dormancy in Lisbon, Armineh is a photographer now based in Los Angeles, capturing moments since 2009.  She is one of the early members of the iphoneography movement.  She has had no professional training and is self‐taught however her vision has been the driving force behind her creations. Her weapons of choice are her iPhone 11 Max Pro, her Sony ILCE‐5000 camera and her Minolta XD11 camera.  She dreams of working with a Rolleiflex, a Hasselblad 553 ELX, a Leica SL (Typ 601) Mirrorless camera, and a Leica M6 someday!  For the time being, photography is a hobby.


EXPOSIÇÃO: In search of identity

© Armineh Hovanesian

These images are all self-portraits.  It is how I communicate feelings.  Personal experience is an indispensable part of my creative process. They explore different aspect of my being in a particular capsule in time and are not necessarily connected.







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