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Born in Lisbon, at the age of 4 moves to Brazil with her parents and brothers. For several years she knows other countries, where she also lives, with more or less long stays, due to her father’s profession, who worked for FAO. Madagascar, Bolivia, Italy, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Kenya are, during some time, her home.

Back to Portugal, she decides to attend IADE course, and shortly after the AR.CO course, to dedicate and concentrate herself totally to photography.

With a scholarship from the Portuguese Cultural Secretary of State, and the sponsorship of the Luso-American Foundation, she develops in 1986 and 1987 a work about the Portuguese community in New England, which gave origin to her first individual exhibition.

In 1987 she begins her cooperation with the newspaper Expresso, where she stays until 1995. At that point she decides to leave and begin as a freelancer.

She worked for several magazines, approaching several themes: report, portraits, interior photography, and travel photography. Her preference are mainly her personal projects in the area of documental photography, which already gave origin to 11 published books.

Actually she is the Official Photographer for the portuguese Prime Minister, António Costa.


EXPOSIÇÂO: Under skin

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