Patricia Scialo is an award-winning photographer specializing in alternative photographic processes. She has exhibited throughout the United States and internationally. Awards include: New York and New Jersey State fellowship grants, numerous “Best of Show” awards, and 2020 winner of the Women in Photography 15th Julia Margaret Cameron Gala Awards, Barcelona, in the categories of Abstract, Alternative Processes, and Children.

Patricia studied at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, MA; Peters Valley Craft Center, N.J., and The New York International Center for Photography.

Throughout her career, she has also devoted herself to teaching historic processes as an artist-in-residence at institutions throughout the East Coast of the United States.

Concentrating on historic and alternative processes in photography, Patricia continues to create handmade unique-prints using mixed media techniques.

“When discovered through the lens of the camera, my subject is often transformed and recreated, with the intention to create intrigue and question the viewer.”


EXPOSIÇÂO: Through the Window of Her Eyes

© Patrícia Scialo

This group of photographs showcase a series of portrait work from my 2019 self-published book, titled “Portraits of My Daughters, 1996-2008”. The original film based prints were developed on handmade paper with gelatin silver, applied by brush. Featured in the 2021 exhibition at the Griffin Museum of Photography located in Massachusetts, United States, this compilation documents two sisters, as seen through their mother’s eyes.

When starting my career in photography, my concentration was on still life, nature studies, interiors and some figurative work. However, upon becoming a mother, I began to shift my gaze, influenced by early photographers such as Julia Margaret Cameron and Imogen Cunningham, their devotion to family portraiture, and the intimacy and softness of their work.

In this selection, The Spring House series, I was inspired by the natural light and reflective pools found in an abandoned medicinal spring house.

Concealed behind metal-gated doorways, unlocking and entering the buildings felt like stepping into a mysterious past. The girls role-played, interacting with each other, intertwining their figures, framed by subdued weathered walls.

The girls did not think much of the fact that they were being viewed through the lens. Uninhibited and without restrictions they became naturally relaxed, candid subjects, allowing me to capture the romantic, gentle engagement that they shared.

These compositions convey a dreamy quality, where time stands still, and only a mother and her daughters exist.









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