Zoltan Vancso was born in 1972 in Budapest. His elementary school art teacher, Ferenc Varga started him off in the world of pictures; he got enamored of motion picture as a cameraman for school television. In 1991 he was accepted to the photographer specialty class in the No. 6 Vocational School [1](Prater Street, Budapest). Meanwhile, he achieved great success as a student filmmaker in Valencia, Mondavio and Budapest. He tried to gain acceptance into the photography major of the College of Industrial Arts several times but due to his feeble talent for drawing his application was denied; in 2006 he also unsuccessfully applied to the cameraman specialty of the University of Film Arts. From 1993 to 2005 he worked as a photo reporter for the weekly “168 hours”. Between 2002 and 2012 he was a teacher at the Camera Anima Open Academy, between 2008 and 2009, he was the photography editor and photo columnist of news portal “”. Since 2009, he works as a freelance photographer and he holds lectures at several photography schools.

Vancso takes part in the activities of several professional organizations: 1996–2006 in Studio of Young Photographers Hungary (FFS); since 2004, in Young Photographers United (YPU); since 2002, in the Association of Hungarian Photographers, here he worked with the board of directors for two years; since 2005, in the National Association of Hungarian Artists (MAOE).



© Zoltan Vanczo

After 25 years of creative work and nearly 50 independent exhibitions, I have found the ideal format to display my pictures. Out of what are considered my most significant photographs, I have prepared five full-length and 200 short musical slideshows (so far) to be screened in cinemas and exclusively on my patreon site ( From my experiences with projecting, I find that a movie slideshow production is in many ways more exciting than a traditional photo exhibit. The effect of the pictures gains more layers of complexity thanks to accompanying music, which I have spent months selecting









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